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Words cannot express our appreciation for your offer to assist us at this time. Like most organizations we too have our “periodic” setbacks and struggles with finances. The good news is within the next 60 to 90 days we will be fine. Thanks for all your help!


I believe this arrangement will be more than acceptable to our board of directors as well. We meet the first of March. We intend to go ahead with the arrangements you have presented to us. In decisions where finances are concerned we must weigh in the opinion of our board of directors.

Thank you again for giving us this opportunity to work with you. We also look forward to a long relationship with One Source Benefits and Tracy McManamon”

“Your website really has a lot of good and useful information. I choose you over all the other agents, because your provide very complete information, you are professional. All the other people I talked to weren’t really very knowledgeable”
Tami from Akron

“You guys are great… very knowledgeable and professional.. all the other people I spoke to don’t really want to help you or understand my needs. You guys really care about your customers
Janet from Cincinnatti

“Wow!! You guys are really so different than everyone else I talked to. I am not calling around anymore. I am nay going to work with you
Christine from Columbus

“You guys really helped out my daughter so much, she was so pleased with your knowledge and professionalism.. I only wanted to deal with you. I am so glad I found you. You guys really do know your stuff about health insurance and really care about your customers”
Molly from Cleveland

“I received in the mail the packet for Assurant Health and also the bill. I’m glad I had the chance to work with you. You did a great job for me and I just wanted once again to THANK YOU! I will pass your name and company to anyone that needs to get health insurance. Have a great day!”

“Thanks so much Tracy – you have been so helpful and heads above your competitors.”

“Hi Sarah,
All seems to be going well with our new health insurance, so thanks so much for your help.”


“Thanks Tracy! That’s amazing news. I appreciate your help, I will recommend you guys often!”

“Hi Tracy. Thanks so much for your follow-through. Which leads me to express my thanks to you for your style, which is so much clearer and businesslike than most. Encountering a fast-talking salesman reminds me of how lucky we are to have a solid professional like you on our side. Talk to you soon”

In Cleveland… the most informative and helpful person I have talked to regarding health insurance. I appreciate all your help and especially the time you took to help me find excellent health coverage… thank you!!

I just wanted to thank you for your help in getting our new policies. I was really impressed with your service and if questions come up about these or other policies in the future, you’ll be my first contact.
Thanks again,


Thank you Tracy for helping me find a plan that works for me in my current situation! Thank you for finding this Short Term plan for me. 


Tracy McManamon has been a valuable asset to our company. His professionalism, dedication, integrity and expertise have served our company extremely well over the years. His ability to tailor programs around our needs is what leads us choose his professional services.


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