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Affordable Medicare Supplement Insurance

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3 Top Tips on How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Medicare Supplement


What is a Medicare Supplement / Medigap Coverage?

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans are meant to cover some of your medical costs that
fall outside your Medicare Plans A & B coverage. This helps particularly
with deductibles and premiums, allowing you more predictable costs since
Medicare only covers about 80% of costs.

These plans allow you all the same rights as your Medicare program and do
not limit the physicians you’re required to see.
Medicare Supplement policies have ten standardized plans: A, B, C, D, E, F,
G, K, L, M and N. Laws passed in 1990 require that each of these policies
offers the exact same benefits no matter what company you purchase the
policy from. This means that the only difference will be the premium you pay
and perhaps a few ” bells and whistles” such as household discounts and
Silver Sneakers.  Not all carriers offer these extras.  Call to find out
which ones do.

Medicare Insurance Plans

What do you need to know before you purchase an Affordable  Medicare
Supplement Insurance plan.


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