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Affordable Medicare Insurance:  Finding and really understanding how to find Affordable Medicare Insurance can be very challenging. One Source Benefits is your highly trusted & reliable partner in your search for comprehensive and Affordable Medicare Insurance since 1988. As a 30 year experienced and fully licensed Medicare & Health Insurance Agency, I have tremendous expertise in help seniors, individuals, families, and employers find the best health or Medicare plan for their specific needs. One Source Benefits has been a family owned business for over 30 years. I am very knowledgeable in all areas of Medicare, Senior dental and Final expense plans as well as group and individual health insurance, including the ACA Marketplace Plans. Let me get started helping you understand your many options.

Affordable Medicare Insurance

My personal attention to help you find the very best plan!

Medigap & Medicare Supplement Plans: Understanding and deciding on a particular plan for you can be very challenging.  The many insurance carriers involved in Medicare products send out tons of information for you to read and understand.  The task can be very daunting.  I am here to help you with all of this and help you to really understand the many ins and outs of Medicare Supplement, Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plans.  It is very important you understand how the many charges that original Medicare does not cover and how they can be paid for by the many different Medigap plans available today. Let me answer your questions on Affordable Medicare Insurance plans today before it’s too late.  Once you select a plan, you may be locked into that plan until the end of the year or longer.


Individual and Short Term Health InsuranceDifferent types of managed-care family and individual HMO, PPO, and POS plans from the leading health insurance companies: Many of these plans feature the lowest levels of coinsurance and copays across all deductibles. There are preventive plans, short-term plans, those that cover catastrophic emergencies as well as office visits, and dental plans with optional vision benefits. HSA plans ensure tax-free savings that pay for medical and prescription costs and also set aside money in a health savings account.

Student Health Insurance: Quotes for people in college looking for the most affordable health insurance. Rather than opt for expensive coverage offered through their college, students can find private plans which are cost-effective and take care of all their needs. New graduates can also find affordable short-term plans for one to eleven months with a choice of payment options to help bridge the gap till they find employment and job-based health coverage.



“Tracy, you are a life saver…  I can’t thank you enough.  The other agent just gave me such selfish and bad advice.  Glad I found you”  JoAnne  

” Tracy, I can’t tell you how confusing this Medicare stuff really is.  Tracy, I made the mistake of putting my phone number into a website and my phone is blowing up.  I don’t want to work with a call center or anyone like that.  I want a real human being who I can talk to and will be there for me always.  Thanks for taking my call, you put my mind at ease”  Bruce

“Tracy, I have dealt with you for years now and you are the only one who tells me the truth”  Thanks again, Natalie

“Tracy, we really appreciate everything you did for us.  Your great at what you do.  Thanks a million.”  Mary 

“Tracy McManamon has been a valuable asset to our company. His professionalism, dedication, integrity and expertise have served our company extremely well over the years. His ability to tailor programs around our needs is what leads us choose his professional services.” Diane 

“You guys are great… very knowledgeable and professional.. all the other people I spoke to don’t really want to help you or understand my needs. You guys really care about your customers.” Janet

“You guys really helped out my daughter so much, she was so pleased with your knowledge and professionalism. I only wanted to deal with you. I am so glad I found you. You guys really do know your stuff about health insurance and really care about your customers.” Molly, 

“In Cleveland… the most informative and helpful person I have talked to regarding health insurance. I appreciate all your help and especially the time you took to help me find excellent health coverage… thank you!!” Sharon, 

“I am so glad I found you, I made the huge mistake of giving my phone number out and I have been bombarded with call centers all over the country,  I don’ want to deal with a call center.  I want to work with you.  You saved me so much time, effort and money.”  James

“I can’t believe I found you.  You have answered my questions and everyone else just wanted to sell me an insurance policy.  You actually took the time to listen to me.”  Charity

“I am so glad you are always there for me and my husband.  You were so helpful last year.”  Kasondra

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