Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance:

Accidental injuries can lead to insurmountable out-of-pocket and medical costs. Accident Insurance allows you to stay ahead of these costs by providing coverage for not only your medical exams, hospital stay, and emergency treatments, but also for any transportation or lodging costs incurred due to the accident.  In todays healthcare world of high deductible, some plans with no co-pays, large out of pocket expenses… Accident Insurance closes many of those true gaps in coverage.  Families now more than ever need to be aware of the many expenses not covered by traditional health insurance.  Accident insurance will help cover those emergency room visits, out patient testing services such as x-rays, lab work. MRI’s and many other exposures that are not covered by co-pays or high deductibles.  It evens provides a dismemberment benefit should something like that occur.  You can customize your own plan to fit your own specific needs.  I an even package a plan for your employer to provide this affordable coverage to all employees at minimal costs to the employer.  This will allow employers to continue to offer the high deductible plans and yet still not burden employees with large out of pocket costs.

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