International Medical Insurance-Traveler’s Insurance

International Medical Insurance

International Medical Insurance

When you travel your hope is to relax and return home feeling refreshed and replenished. However, unfortunately the unexpected can happen and chances are that whether you have Individual, Employer or Medicare Insurance, your policy will not cover any health related expenses that occur outside of the United States. Don’t let the worry of not being prepared for the unknown keep you from relaxing and enjoying every minute out of the office, purchase International Medical Insurance coverage from One Source Benefits today! Please see listed below some of the coverage that we offer:

Travel Medical Insurance - International Medical Group

-Emergency Medical Evacuation           -Emergency Room Accident

-Political Evacuation                               -Local Ambulance

-Natural Disaster                                      -Emergency Reunion

-Hospital Room and Board                     -Dental-Injury Due to Accident

-Identity Theft Assistance                       -Intensive Care

These are just of the many benefits you can choose from to protect you and your family from the unexpected. The cost of these programs are extremely affordable and necessary to protect every international traveller from major loss in the case of a medical emergency while abroad. Click on one the images below today for a free quote and instant approval! Your ID card is issued immediately via e-mail upon completion of the form!

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