Student Health Insurance

Our Student Health Insurance Plans offer the following:

Every college and university is now requiring students to either take the plan offered by the college or university or secure outside coverage.  Student health insurance plans are very affordable if you go to the right source.  Looking at all your options is very important as student health insurance is very expensive.  In most use the college or university plan requires you to go to the health center on campus and may NOT cover you off campus and especially while at home or traveling.  I am here to help you make sure you secure the right coverage to fit your needs and budget.  I have been helping college students for over 2 decades.

1. Low Low rates

2. Co pays for office visits

3. Nationwide access to Doctors and Hospitals

4. Immediate coverage

Competitive Rates

  • Male/Female Age 19 Starting at $36.95/month
  • Female/Male Age 21 Starting at $36.95/month

  • 50% Less Expensive than Marketplace  Plans
  • Instant approval
  • Covers Many Athletic Programs
  • Instant ID Card/Proof of Coverage
  • Coverage for Non U.S. Citizens

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For a full list of Ohio colleges and the lowest
student health insurance plans and rates, please visit:

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