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Affordable Individual & Family Health Insurance plans are ideal for individuals and families who do not have coverage through their employer or who may be self-employed. Finding the right plan for you is very challenging in today’s ” fake ” insurance markets and products.

These plans, rates and doctor and hospital networks do vary greatly from one carrier to the next, and even plan to plan,  making it extremely difficult to navigate and better yet, to understand.

Finding the right amount of coverage paired with an affordable deductible that is best for you and your family can be very challenging.  With the new healthcare reform regulations, making the correct decision is now very difficult.

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Changes can only be made during the open enrollment or a qualifying special enrollment period.

 We can even help you calculate the Health Care Subsidies.

 I am an expert in individual & family health insurance plans and have all the major insurance carriers as well as access to the best Health Savings Plans ( HSA’s ) along with the most affordable high deductible health plans

It is important with Individual & family health insurance to find the right carrier and plan to fit your unique needs. Put my 31 years of experience and expertise to work for you and let me help you compare the best coverage on the market for you and your family.  I am an expert with all the major health insurance carriers, including Medical Mutual, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, AETNA, United Healthcare, Humana and many others.

Coverage is generally effective on the first of every month.  Premiums can be set up to auto-deduct from a credit card, checking or savings account.

Free Instant quotes.

Marketplace Certified!!

Over 31 years of experience helping you find affordable individual insurance.

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