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Tracy McManamon, President of One Source Benefits, your reliable partner in your quest for health coverage, will personally 
assist you in obtaining affordable short-term health insurance.

short-term health insurance plan is a temporary alternative to traditional individual medical insurance
coverage and can help tide over special circumstances. They are formulated to
help people who have temporary health insurances needs. The coverage period
can range from one month to as long as eleven months.

Short-term plans are ideal if you are:

Why Are Short-Term Insurance Plans Right For You?

One of the unique features of short-term insurance is that a policy can have an
effective date of coverage as early as the day it is postmarked or
electronically submitted through an agent.  This means coverage begins almost
immediately. A few of the many ways short-term plans are different from
traditional individual health insurance policies are:

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FAQ’s on Short Term Health Insurance

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