Vision Insurance

The benefits of Vision Insurance:
Affordable Vision Insurance is often purchased alongside your health insurance coverage. However, affordable vision insurance can also be purchased as a stand alone insurance coverage.  When shopping for vision insurance it is important to not only look at the feature and benefits of the plans, but special attention should also be paid to the exclusions to see what is NOT covered by vision insurance.  A variety of quality insurance carriers offer vision insurance coverage but when considering a specific plan for you and or your family knowing the network of available doctors who accept vision insurance is also very important.  Vision Insurance networks change from area to area and some of tiger major chains like Lens Crafters and Pearle Vision and many other visor providers might not be in your network.  Beware as to whether these plans will generally cover glasses and/or contacts, your annual eye exams, and any necessary treatments. Some Vision Plans will also include coverage for Laser Eye Surgery, though this depends on the specific insurance carrier and plan of choice.

While some of these plans require you to pay the physician up front and then submit a claim for reimbursement, others pay the eye care specialist directly. It is important to understand how your Vision Insurance works in conjunction with your health care plan.


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