Missionary Insurance

Missionary Insurance-Traveler’s Insurance

Striking coastlines. Rich, growing green jungles with amazing wildlife. Spectacular coral reefs clearly visible beneath blue-green blue waters. These are pleasantries of a few of the most attractive nations worldwide. Yet outside those shells, an additional side of life exposes something not as enjoyable: hardship, war, political strife and desperate financials aspects with little chance of enhancement.

Connecting and giving spiritual and bodily assistance is your mission. Regardless of the length of your worldwide outreach, your objective is long-term. To optimize the outreach delight and supply the protection needed in negative environments, One Source Benefits supplies numerous global clinical plans adapted to meet the necessities of goal delivering organizations, churches and promoters.

 Listed below are some of the coverage options that we offer:bigstock-GUAYAQUIL-ECUADOR--FEBRUARY--33045302

 -Emergency Evacuation, Child Wellness, Physical Therapy  

-Maternity,  ICU, Hospitalization/Room & Board 

-Emergency Room Accident, Local Ambulance, Surgery 

-Emergency Reunion, Treatment Inside/Outside of the U.S. & Canada                                                       

-Emergency Dental due to Accident, Rx Coverage

 -Political Evacuation & Reparation

If you do not see a specific benefit or type of missionary insurance that you are looking for, call us, and we will find the best policy to suit you and your mission!

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