Trip Cancellation Insurance for Traveler’s

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Reality is that the unexpected happens no matter how much we plan, so protect all your plans and your investments by purchasing Travel Cancellation Insurance from One Source Benefits. Listed below is a summary of some of the benefits we offer:

-Your emergency illness, injury or death, or that of a family member, a business partner, a travel companion, or a travel companion’s family member.

-Financial default of a travel supplier , a terrorist attack, or organized Labor Strike

-Natural disaster resulting in the cessation of the travel supplier’s services

-Hijacking, Medical quarantine, or Jury duty

-Your home or that of a travel companion made uninhabitable by fire, vandalism or natural disasterbigstock-Couple-tourists-on-Hawaii-by-w-43917163

-Your auto accident or that of a travel companion on the way to the scheduled departure point

-You or a travel companion serving on active or reserve duty for the military, police or fire department, whose personal leave is revoked to provide aid or relief in the even of a natural disaster or a terrorist attack

-Employee termination or layoff, a documented theft of your passport or visa or cancellation due to work reasons if you are a key employee


These are just some of the many benefits you can choose from to protect your dream vacation. The cost of these programs are extremely affordable and necessary to protect you and your family from any major loss in the unexpected cancellation of a trip. Click on the logo below today for an instant quote and approval! Your ID card is immediately issued via e-mail upon completion of the application!


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