Ohio Individual Health Insurance

One Source Benefits, your partner in finding affordable health insurancecoverage, represents leading health insurance companies like Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medical Mutual of Ohio, Humana, United HealthOne, Golden Rule, Assurant and AETNA. All these providers offer a wide range of individualhealth insurance plans, each with their own advantages. Our focus is on helping you to find an affordable plan that best suits your needs from among the following options.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield offers comprehensive Ohio individual health insurance plans designed to fit your budget and lifestyle. Being one of the largest provider networks in Ohio and across the United States, Anthem can assure plan members of medical services at affordable rates just about anywhere. Health insurance options for Ohio residents include:

  • Lumenos HSA Plus – traditional healthcare benefits that can be combined with a HSA for more flexibility and tax savings
  • Premier Plus – robust protection for both routine and unexpected medical care with the lowest levels of coinsurance across all deductibles
  • SmartSense Plus – affordable, solid benefits such as immediate coverage, choice of prescription drug coverage, and preventive care benefits
  • Blue Short Term Plan – affordable coverage for one to six months with a choice of payment options

You can enhance protection for you and your family by adding an Anthem Dental Blue Plan and/or Anthem Blue Preferred Term Life Insurance to your health coverage.

Medical Mutual of Ohio

Elite Plan:

The main difference between Elite and Premium plans with Medical Mutual is that the Elite plans are the richest plans. With the Elite plan the copays are less expensive, and as low as $30 for office visits, $40 for specialist and $50 for urgent care. Their deductibles as well are as low as $500-$2500.

Premium Plan

The best value plan very similar to Elite plans prices for office visits, prescription, and preventative plans.

Value plan

The value plan is the best plan that offers basic needs. The Value Plan is for those who want the catastrophic emergencies covered as well as necessary office visits.

Wellness HSA Plans

These are some of the their most popular and affordable plans. Medical Mutual’s HSA plans come with tax benefits and investment opportunities. Deductibles range from $1500 to $5000 for individuals and $3000 all the way up to $10,000 for families. You can choose the deductible that best fits your needs.


HumanaOne individual health insurance plans offer a choice of deductibles, a large network to ensure coverage even when you’re traveling and portability if you move to another state.

HumanaOne PPO Plans

  • Portrait: Share 80 Plus Rx Unlimited
  • Autograph: Share 80 Plus Rx
  • Monogram: Total Plus Rx

With Portrait, you can see the provider of your choice. Autograph offers a wide range of choices in deductibles, cost-sharing options and prescription drug benefits so they can fit both your needs and your budget. Monogram is a low-cost plan with a safety net.

HumanaOne HSA-qualified HDHP Plans

  • Autograph: Total Plus Rx / HSA
  • Autograph: Total / HSA

HumanaOne Short-term Medical Plan

  • Short-term 100 / 75
  • Short-term 80 /60

These plans are available for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of six months. They have limited benefits, do not cover pre-existing conditions and are not renewable.

HumanaOne also offers individual dental insurance plans such as Traditional Plus and Preventive Plus as well as Individual Term Life Insurance policies.

United HealthOne

United HealthOne, which may also be known as Golden Rule, offers individual health insurance plans with strong discounts. You are assured of quality health-care coverage from a vast network of providers. Choose from a variety of options at competitive prices.

  • Copay Plan, ideal for those with regularly scheduled doctor-office visits – Copay Select
  • High Deductible Plans that are simple to understand, easy to use and offer coverage for unexpected events and high medical bills
    • Plan 100
    • Plan 80
    • Saver 80
  • Health Savings Account Plans
    • HSA 100
    • HSA 70
  • Short Term Medical Plans
    • Short Term Medical Plus
    • Short Term Medical Value
  • Dental Plans with Optional Vision Benefits
    • UnitedHealthcare Dental Value Benefit
    • United Healthcare Dental Premier Benefit

You can adjust your plan for a lower premium. Benefits to enhance your health plan come in the form of office visit copays and prescription drug deductible and copay card. Other options include term life benefit, dental coverage, accidental death benefit and coverage for mental disorders and substance abuse. You can also add on Supplemental Accident Benefit and Optional Vision Benefit. With United HealthOne, a child will be eligible to stay on a plan until age 28 if unmarried.


Individual health insurance plans from Assurant offer extensive access to the healthcare system and great value for money. Each plan allows you to enjoy network discounts and provides access expert assistance to help you navigate the health care system and maximize your savings. Members can also use Assurant Price Check, a unique tool for accessing provider cost information online.

Major Medical Insurance Plans

All offer you the ability to choose your own doctors and hospitals.

CoreMed SM Plan

Choose your own plan with the benefits you desire, and decide how much of a premium you want to pay based on the benefits you choose.

OneDeductible PPO

With OneDeductible plans, you choose one deductible for individual, family and prescriptions.

OneDeductible with a tax-favored Health Savings Account

Health Access

Assurant Health Access Fixed-benefit Plans

With a fixed benefit plan, you pay no deductible, and benefits start right away. Your plan pays a set cash amount when you receive services like doctor office visits, prescriptions and hospital stays.

Choose from three levels of benefits:

  • Value that provides access to everyday health care and Assurant Health network discounts
  • Fundamentals that includes everything in Value plus cash benefits for prescriptions and increased benefits for unexpected illness and injuries
  • Enhanced that includes everything in Fundamentals plus higher cash benefits for office visits and higher level benefits for hospitalization and surgery

Depending on the level you choose, your plan will pay the benefit amounts listed when you seek health care

You can supplement any Assurant Health Access individual health insurance plan with easy-to-add on Dental, Accident and Critical Illness plans. Assurant Health Access also offers temporary insurance or short-term coverage for individuals who are between jobs, waiting for employer coverage to begin, or in other similar situations.


Preferred Provider Plans

With Preferred Provider Plans you can pay less for frequent doctor visits. And there are many deductibles to choose from.

High Deductible Plan options

Great plans if you are looking for low premiums and tax-advantaged savings plus 0% coinsurance for in network providers once your deductible is met.

Value Plan

The value plan is the best with low monthly premiums that includes routine doctor visits and major medical services.